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Car Maintenance

You Will Be Able To Make Vehicle Repairs From Your Phone

With NitroSmart, work in your garage will now be faster and easier


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See What You Can Do in Your Vehicle With Nitro Smart

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Now you will do vehicle maintenance very easily!

You will no longer spend a lot of time on the vehicle

NitroSmart will guide you through basic maintenance such as resets, battery operations

Which functions will make your work easier?


Service reset operations

You can save time and money by doing your own brake and oil operations

Battery registration operation

The NitroSmart application allows you to registrate the battery you want to the vehicle


Electronic parking brake

Thanks to NitroSmart, you can easily switch between service mode and operating mode, and you can repair the brake system

Understand Your Vehicle's Language

You do not have access to use some features in your car. NitroSmart guides you in service reset and battery operations


What you can do with the NitroSmart device may vary from car to car. Buy your scanner and find out what you can do in your own car

Main Specifications

This feature allows you to read the faults in the vehicle. It allows you to see the faults in the vehicle before the vehicle is damaged. You can find out the cause of the malfunction lamp on the dashboard

How does it work:

In NitroSmart app, diagnosis via OBD is available with lite version. You can read common fault codes. The scans you make via OBD are usually via ECU and TCU.

Emission control is essential for vehicle health. Before your vehicle goes to the service, you can see the emission problems yourself.

How does it work:

You can use the NitroSmart application to see the emission-related problems in your vehicle.

Through the application, it displays the data in the vehicle to better understand the vehicle. Some parameters can be very helpful in troubleshooting faults thanks to the information they contain. There are two kinds of parameters; These are OBD parameters and manufacturer level parameters.

How does it work:

Thanks to the manufacturer level parameter feature, you can get a lot of valuable data from your vehicle. You can select the parameters you want to display on the dashboard.

Vehicle information

You can read the fault memory of your vehicle. You can detect the malfunction in the vehicle before it progresses and prevent costs. ECUs always contain very important information and you can get this information. There are 2 types of diagnosis; OBD diagnostic and manufacturer level diagnostic.

How does it work:

Thanks to the full diagnostic feature, data can be obtained from many ecu's such as airbag, transmission, ABS in the vehicle. You can also find more detailed information about the fault. After performing the diagnostic, all error codes can be cleared. You can see the diagnosis result together with a detailed pdf report. You can also access your previous data, as the data is stored in the digital garage.

Thanks to this feature, you can see the original kilometer value in the vehicle, so manipulations are prevented.

How does it work:

With the lite version of our product, you can check the mileage for free. You can send data read from various control units as e-mail. If you upgrade the device to the full version, you can check mileage to unlimited vehicles, and read unlimited chassis. In addition, more information can be read from the vehicle history, such as service entries.

Thanks to live parameters and live data, you don't have to guess to find out the need of your vehicle or the source of the fault in the vehicle.

How does it work:

Thanks to NitroSmart, important engine data such as temperature and pressure values can be read. You can access all parameters and live data in your vehicle. You can view all possible parameters in the NitroSmart basic features section.

Thanks to the digital garage feature, you can store all diagnostics and used vehicle control reports. You can always access all this data and your coding history in NitroSmart Cloud.

How does it work:

You can securely store all your data in your NitroSmart account and the stored data is synchronized in the cloud. You can also transfer data to another phone using the Digital garage.


Thanks to the coding feature, you can activate the hidden features in your vehicle. You can activate the features that are normally only found in sports vehicle models and high-end models of your own vehicle brand, in your own vehicle. You can give your vehicle a special style by using the coding function.

How does it work:

You can find hidden features in the control unit of your vehicle and eliminate warnings in the vehicle. Thanks to the backup function, the vehicle can be restored to its original state. All spares are also securely stored in the digital garage.

If your BMW is equipped with the iDrive function, additional functions can be unlocked using NitroSmart.

How does it work:

You can activate features such as playing videos, changing the screen layout, making advanced menu settings, and more while driving.

Most BMW models have exhaust flaps on the exhausts to reduce noise. Thanks to NitroSmart, you can open the exhaust cover of your BMW and enjoy its real sound.

How does it work:

You can open the exhaust flap by pressing a single button while the vehicle is stationary or in motion.


If you want to change the oil and brake of your vehicle yourself, you can reset the service interval using NitroSmart.

How does it work:

After successfully changing the brakes and oil with NitroSmart, you can reset the counter until the next service setting.

The battery sensor automatically adjusts the charging status according to the battery status. You can use NitroSmart to change the battery. In addition, the battery type in your vehicle can be changed thanks to NitroSmart.

How does it work:

You can read the information on the battery you are currently using, or you can save the same or a different type of battery.

The Diesel Particulate Filter is available to reduce the emission value by filtering the particulate and burning soot at regular intervals. In order to be able to perform the regeneration process, there are some criteria. (speed should be more than 80km)

How does it work:

You can read important information (soot amount, engine speed, etc.) about the DPF in your vehicle and start the regeneration process. If you are a short-distance driver, it is recommended to do this before setting off on a long journey. Afterwards, you can easily perform the regeneration process.

NOx filters are also used to reduce exhaust emissions. When the filtration reaches the maximum level, the NOx filter needs to be changed. If the filter is replaced on time, you will save around 3000€.

How does it work:

Using NitroSmart you can control the NOx catalyst and manually regenerate it. Since you can view the parameters, you can follow the regeneration live.

Automatic transmissions constantly monitor the driver's driving behavior and adapt itself accordingly. For example, the previous owner of the vehicle drives the vehicle for a shorter distance, the transmission adapts accordingly, and the new buyer needs to reset the transmission values if he wants to use it on the highway. Afterwards, the transmission will adapt to your driving behavior.

How does it work:

Thanks to NitroSmart, you can reset the learning values of your automatic transmission and access important transmission data.

If you want to replace or repair the braking system yourself, you can use NitroSmart to set the servo motors of the electromechanical brake system to workshop mode and then set them back to operating mode after successful replacement.

How does it works:

Using NitroSmart, you can put your Electromechanical parking brake into workshop mode and back into service mode.

Smart Mechanic

With this feature, you can better understand fault codes, check components more easily, and make repairs more successfully.

How does it work:

This feature has been designed by mechanics who are experts in their fields to help you understand the faults better and in detail. NitroSmart mechanics assists you in making repairs yourself.

Frequently Ask Question

Some of our frequently asked questions

What are the differences between Scanner and Scanner+?


In both options, you get the Nitro Smart OBD scanner, but Scanner+ gives you the opportunity to activate all the available features for your vehicle in addition to the basic features. If Scanner+ is not available for you, it is because we currently support these features for your chosen brand.

How can I upgrade Nitro Smart features for all brands?


You have Nitro Smart features for one brand and you want to upgrade your Nitro Smart features for all brands? No problem! Buy the Nitro Smart we offer for all brands, after you make the purchase, send us your Nitro Smart invoice for the first single brand you bought, as well as your Nitro Smart invoice for all newly purchased supported brands, and also send us your PayPal or Bank address. We will refund you part of the price you paid for a single brand. This does not apply to single brand licenses, if you are in this situation you can contact us here for our special offers.

I come from a faraway place, can collaboration be done full time online through several meeting applications?


Hello, we provide various services to help your business grow and develop. We help provide ideas, create designs, develop websites and mobile applications, provide support for the growth of business ideas, to help customers market their products online through the marketplace.

I have one coupon code, how can I use it?


When you select the license you want to buy, you will be automatically redirected to the payment page. You must include your billing address. At the top you will see the price and the section ‘I have a coupon code’ and you need to click on this section. Once done you will see a new window and enter your coupon code and click ‘apply’. After doing these, the price will automatically decrease.

Do I need technical skills for using Nitro Smart?


Whether you are a vehicle owner who wants to save money or a technician with enough knowledge. Nitro Smart offers solutions for both, thanks to the functions it contains. Nitro Smart provides access to important ECUs in the vehicle, and you can always obtain and use important data in the vehicle.

What makes Nitro Smart so perfect?


With Nitro Smart, car owners take control again. Today’s vehicles are quite complex and their electronic systems hide a lot of data inside. With Nitro Smart, you will be able to obtain these data via your smartphone. In this way, you will have more transparent information on your vehicle and the control will be in your hands. In this way, you will save both money and time, and you will be more comfortable in everything because you are in control.

How will I know which functions will work for my vehicle?


You need to connect Nitro Smart device and application to know which features will work in your vehicle. If you have purchased the Nitro Smart device, we offer you a 14-day money-back opportunity to test it with the app. If the device does not meet your expectations, you can send the device back to us within the given time

Will Nitro Smart affect my vehicle's warranty? Does the vehicle warranty expire?


Nitro Smart is a very reliable scanning tool. Just like any other scanning device, if you use the device in accordance with the instructions, the vehicle’s warranty will not be voided.

Can I return my device?


If you only purchased a scanner device, you have a 14-day return period. But if you buy in license with the device, you get the scanning device for free, you just pay a fee for the license.

Does the scanner device have a warranty? If the scanner has warranty, what is the period of warranty?


Yes, our device has a lifetime warranty. You read it right, lifetime warranty! If your Nitro Smart device does not work properly, we will send you a new one. If you have a problem with the use of the device, you can contact our technical service.